About me

I am a product designer and researcher with over 8 years of experience in industries ranging from education, e-commerce, and enterprise. In my past lives, I have studied human-computer interaction as an academic researcher, and built things as an engineer.

My beliefs in a nutshell

Assess impact

I'm driven by knowing how and how much our work impacts teachers, students, children, humans -- both positively and negatively, and then working towards progress. I bias towards action by asking what is the smallest experiment we can run to get us closer to our goals?

Collaborate thoughtfully
Everyone brings their expertise to the table, and nothing easy is accomplished alone. My collaboration style is thoughtful and inclusive by asking who are the voices that need to be represented that aren't, and how do we bring our users and the broader organization alongside the design journey?

Make the hard decisions
Hard decisions are hard, but someone needs to make them. Failing is not the wrong decision, but rather not learning at all. I often ask what are the information and hypotheses we have at hand, what tradeoffs are we making, and what can we learn from this decision?

Other work

AI4ALL is a US-based nonprofit dedicated to increasing diversity and inclusion in AI education, research, development, and policy.

USDR is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that helps governments, nonprofits, and public entities respond quickly to critical public needs.

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