Phoebe Lin

Designing for AI and learning in education


Hi there! I'm Phoebe, an engineer-turned-designer completing my Master's in Design at Harvard. My research is in Human-Computer Interaction and my passion is in successful learning experiences.  

I'm a bay area native, currently working out of Boston. I'm a voracious learner and find design to be the perfect avenue to do so.

I care deeply about the future of technology and new modes of learning by people of all ages.

I believe in democratizing technology, especially starting at K-12 education, and wish to design products with a focus on human-human or human-AI collaboration.


Previously, I studied computer science and cognitive science. In industry, I've had the pleasure to work in many different fields, including retail, enterprise, and education, as a UX designer.

My latest work is on conversational AI and how children can understand CS and AI concepts by interacting with an intelligent agent. I have peer-reviewed publications in conferences such as AAAI and IUI. If you want to chat about designing for AI, ethics, and accessibility, let's connect!